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  This game can be played by one or more players.  

This game is suitable for all ages.

  With two players one player can arrange the animals on the habitat image and ask the other player to find certain animals.   It shows the different habitats and the various wild animals on our planet.    
  On the dark page images players can compete in spotting the animals with the mouse spotlight.   It also enhances organization and problem solving skills.    

Price:  $ 10.00 CDN  (no fees)

  Try it:    

  Click on a place on the map and arrange the animals onto the picture of the place.        

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Note that only the top five places on the map work on this free version. Thank you for trying the game.

There is many more animals on the pages that are not present on the free version here. Order the CD now and enjoy all.

                             Click on the deep-sea fish.  



                      Click on the woolly mammoth.  




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An Environmental Awareness Game




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